Vote Ming For Surrey Council!

"Achieve Positive Change Through Collaboration"



Ming's priorities:


1) Crime and social disorder


- The for-over-20-years extremely high and guns and illicit drugs violence in Surrey- and rest of the Metro Vancouver Region


- Surrey's "worst in Canada" crime rating for 2022




a) Will advocate for the ongoing-since-November-2018 project to replace the Surrey RCMP with a city of Surrey police department to be completed as expeditiously as possible;


b) Will work with other members of council, and as an individual, to obtain federal government and BC government grant funding to pay costs associated with completing the project;


2) Transportation and Economic Development


a) Will advocate for a network of Sky Train lines to be built in Surrey and the rest of the South of Fraser sub-region, to connect the SOF's main urban centres and town centres;


b) Will work with other members of council, and as an individual, assertively advocating for the prompt replacement of the Massey Tunnel with an ambitiously-designed, toll-free bridge or tunnel;


c) Will advocate for Surrey's business and residential property taxes to be competitive with other Metro Vancouver member municipalities, and among the lowest in the Region;


d) Will advocate for the revival of the late 1990's project to move the Pacific National Exhibition from its current location in the city of Vancouver to its previously proposed new location in North Surrey- the acreage adjacent to the Scott Road Sky Train Station;


e) Will advocate for the BC government to amend the outdated and inappropriate Pacific National Exhibition legislation so that governance and exclusive control of the PNE is transferred from the city of Vancouver to the Metro Vancouver Region's Board of Directors;


f) Will advocate for the relocation of the Pacific National Exhibition to North Surrey- to occur concurrently with the building- at the same site- of:


i) An ambitiously designed retractable-roof (covered) stadium;


ii)         A high-quality, scalable convention centre;


iii)         An architecturally progressive Aquatic Centre;


iv)        High quality Hotel(s)


3) Services for children and families


- Severe and worsening shortages of k-12 schools


- Over 400 portable classrooms in Surrey today- little improvement for 15 years!


- Inadequate/ non-existent "after school" (daycare-like) programs;


- Need for educational and informal study (supervision) programs to be available at schools after 3:00 PM and into the early evening- when parents finish their day jobs;




Will work with other members of council, and as an individual, assertively advocating for the BC and federal governments to provide ongoing funding to pay for:


a) Construction of substantial numbers of new and expanded k-12 schools;


b) Staffing to supervise children (pupils) at k-12 schools- after classes have ended for the day up to 5:30 PM Monday to Friday;