About Ming Zheng



I've lived in the Guildford area of Surrey since 2008, and have always felt that one of Surrey's greatest attributes is its rich variety of different cultures and ethnicities.


Previously, I taught at UBC for over 20 years, and am now involved in residential property sales and management. My ability to speak and write in both English and Chinese fluently has been very useful in my work, and I hope would be an asset were I to serve on Surrey council.


In my spare time I like to jog, garden and read- mostly history and non-fiction.

Lastly, but most importantly, I am the proud parent of 3 grown children: Accountant Sheila, Artist Valentina and Teacher Eric.



To make Surrey a safe, economically vibrant, beautiful and affordable city, I will work with all members of council- and community groups of all persuasions.


I will advocate for: "Tough on crime and gang violence" policies; establishment of neighborhood block watches; and anti- drugs, anti-gang public education programs and sports and free of charge music activities for young people.


I will promote business-friendly policies and bylaws to attract corporate and individual investments and the establishment of new industries, and I will advocate for incentives for entrepreneurs to make Surrey a lower mainland hub.


My priorities if elected to Surrey Council are:


1) Prompt replacement of the Surrey RCMP with a City of Surrey Police  Department;


2) The construction of a network of Sky Train Lines to connect Surrey's & other South of Fraser cities' urban centres and town centres;


3) The expeditious replacement of the Massey Tunnel with an ambitiously designed, toll-free bridge or tunnel;


4) The Revival of the late-1990's project to move the Pacific National Exhibition from the city  of Vancouver to a North Surrey site that would include a to-be-built multi-purpose stadium and convention centre;


5) Transfer governance responsibilities for the PNE from the city of Vancouver to the Metro Vancouver Board of Directors;


6) Keeping Surrey's business and residential taxes low and competitive with other Metro Vancouver member cities;


7) Rectifying the decade-long and worsening shortages of k-12 schools and related services (Surrey's population continues to increase by 15,000 people- mainly young families- every year!);


8) Realizing government-funded informal education and recreation programs at Surrey's k-12 schools after regular classes end for the day (at 3:00 PM)... to keep children occupied until after 5:30 PM and parents finish their work days;